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The huge majority of company to Peru come to this nation by Lima, extra namely by the Jorge Chávez International Airport. Although this isn't a actually giant airport, has simply one terminal, is one in every of the fundamental and busiest airports in South America, with optimum conditions and, having also won the award for greatest airport in South America within the 12 months 2011.

Jorge Chavez International Airport can also be recognized simply due to the fact the Lima International Airport, but opposite to what the identify would possibly indicate, it's no longer nicely in Lima, but within the district of Callao, about 17 km from the Center of Lima. 

Although a lot of us use Lima simply as a gateway to Peru and search to move straight to Cusco or different components of the country, many others take benefit in their passage by Peru's Capital to realize Lima and reserve a couple of days in their journey to discover the city, as was our case.

Also, like us, a lot of the vacationers who go to Lima, cease as much as reside within the Miraflores district, in our opinion the greatest location to reside in Lima (see proper the following our article on the greatest location to reside in Lima).

Jorge Chavez International Airport

When you arrive at Lima International Airport, chances are you'll see that it actually is a actually arranged and actually busy airport. However, though you would possibly no longer discover your self very removed from the City Center, chances are you'll observe that the arrival task would possibly no longer be as simple as whilst in contrast to different airports.

One purpose is that this airport isn't served by educate or subway, as many airports as you would possibly know. This would possibly no longer be an enormous setback but whilst we began to research the greatest solution to journey from the Lima International Airport to Miraflores, we learn reviews that we're obliged to say, left us with some reservations, and led us to manage nicely this edge of our journey, simply due to the fact there are some dangers that, whilst nicely prepared, could be avoided.

And the purpose is that, as we said earlier, the airport is discovered within the district of Callao and, this district is one in every of probably probably the foremost risky in Lima. As we said in our article on the greatest location to reside in Lima (click proper the following to read), the safety difficulty is a thing to contemplate whilst planning your go to to Lima. However, we don't desire to scare you, Lima could be very secure but like many different enormous towns you would possibly travel, there's the ought to have some care and planning, adding planning how one can move from the airport to the heart of Lima, namely to Miraflores, if there's the location chances are you'll be hosted, as was our case.

What we desire to deliver is that this route could be very safe, it's no longer simply us who say it, it's the ride of hundreds of thousands of of us who do it every one year. However, there can even additionally just be some care to have and, with the proper organization, everything will move very nicely and chances are you'll have the probability to realize and fall in love with the metropolis of Lima.

How to get from Lima International Airport to Miraflores?

Let us move for the actual question, which is: How to get from Lima International Airport to Miraflores?

The actuality is that, though there isn't any educate or metro, there are nonetheless a number of alternatives, corresponding to taxis, transfers, and buses. Let's take a nearer appear at every one one.


Taxi rides in Peru aren't anything expensive, at the very least whilst in contrast to the costs of Europe. However, as in lots of different towns round the world, getting a taxi on the airport is extra pricey than within the metropolis center. However, there are some guidelines which might be very vital to contemplate whilst selecting up a Taxi at Lima Airport.
One of the guidelines is that taxis don't have a meter, so which you simply ought to have your fee negotiated earlier than getting into it. Tell the taxi driver the place you desire to move and don't settle for the primary fee they ask. You pays in Nuevos Soles or US Dollars, equally currencies are generally accepted.

Another concern has to do with the taxi manufacturer that you'll hire. You have NULL possibilities, employ one among the official firms running on the Airport or, get out of the airport and glance for an unofficial taxi. The unofficial taxi possibility could possibly be cheaper. We can speak then and negotiate but, there isn't any walk in the park of the fee and we're ended in assert that here is the least secure possibility given that we heard a few instances wherein of us file having had so much less completely satisfied experiences of their ride with taxis picked up backyard the airport. However, a few stories also confer with nice experiences and decrease prices.

However, as we journey with family, we really sense that the likely upper expense doesn't compensate for the upper risk, so we propose you to e-book your official taxi inside the airport, which you'll definitely discover on the method out of it.

The firms of taxis to workout inside the Airport of Lima International are the following:

Taxi Green

Taxi Direct

Taxi 365


CMV Taxi

What we propose is to examine the actual fee on your destination and ask on the counter to write down the price, so that there isn't any query with the driver and he doesn't attempt to renegotiate the value. Moreover, if here is your decision, it's going to definitely be the most secure method to get a taxi at Lima airport, and regardless of the price, we even suppose that it pays the investment pondering the ever predominant safety issue.

The period of the journey generally lasts about 30, 40 minutes nevertheless it relies quite a bit on the time and the traffic, that's typically very severe in Lima. Once again, we don't desire to frighten anyone, nevertheless it isn't a nasty factor to all the time have the utmost prudence while we come to a metropolis as large as Lima. When driving, attempt to now not hold pricey electronic units close to the window to keep away from the temptation that at any visitors jam or visitors pale there's a danger that individual will smash the glass and attempt to steal. Again, we don't desire to alarm anyone, nevertheless it isn't a nasty factor to all the time have the normal safety criteria and to now not make it easier, as in so many puts round the world, vacationers are typically a extra sexy aim so, don't facilitate in nothing.

UBER and CABIFY - Easy Taxy

An selection to Taxi could possibly be to make use of the Uber or Easy Taxi applications. There are in basic terms NULL options, one among them is which you simply have to have web in your telephone while you call, which could possibly now not be the case, because it was now not the other.

Another concern that could possibly leave from this possibility is the actuality that the provide isn't as fine as in different towns round the international and we gather stories of instances the place the ready time was too lengthy or it was now not even likely to have a car on hand close to the airport. However, those choices appear to be ideal inside the metropolis of Lima, the place the provide is quite a bit upper and costs are decrease than well-known taxis.

Private Transfer

Several motels have a shuttle service, which might also additionally just take you immediately from the airport to the hotel. At the time of creating your reservation, discover out in the event that they have this service, as nicely as its costs, because it could possibly be an alternative, though typically extra expensive, but secure while contractualized with the hotel.

Another possibility could be the Ebus Lima Airport Shuttle, the place for about 8 US $ (prices of 2019) you'll be able to purchase your ticket to Miraflores, and you'll be able to purchase in improve over the internet. Then, simply elect up the van on the designated cease and make the journey in remedy to Miraflores. This isn't a personal trip, because it's going to be finished in conjunction with different passengers, but might be finished in safety and complete remedy till Kennedy Park, that's inside the heart of Miraflores. It has the benefit of loose wifi, that's all the time great, pretty after vast flights.

Airport Express Lima

Another chance is the use of Airport Express Lima, which we're pressured to say, seems to be a huge option. The buses are new and have very nice conditions, with the benefit of loose wifi and being capable to cost your cellular cellphone whereas traveling.

It also has the benefit of getting 7 arrival issues in Miraflores so that you possibly can opt for essentially probably the foremost convenient probability for you and the fee could be very good, $ 8 USD for a journey and $ 15 USD spherical journey (2010 prices)

Click right the following to recognise extra about costs and occasions by way of the official web site of the company.

Public Bus (Combis)

There can also be the chance of utilizing public shipping firms that cross by the front of the airport each day. These are definitely the most cost-effective thoughts and, which might be frequently extra utilized by locals. The costs are truly magnificent, purely 3 Nuevos Soles and you'll have 3 foremost options:

Holding Express S


- Av. Faucett (Lima International Airport)

- Av. Precursores

- Av. La Mar

- Av. Mariscal Sucre

- Av. Ejército

- Av. Pardo

- Av. Ricardo Palma

- Av. Benavides

Aquarius Express


- Av. Faucett (Aeropuerto Jorge Chávez)

- Av. La Marina

- Av. Pershing

- Av. Salaverry

- Av. Del ejercito

- Av. Pardo

- Óvalo de Miraflores

Rome-I Consortium


- Av. Faucett (Lima International Airport)

- Av. La Marina

- Av. Brasil

- Av. 28 de Julio

- Av. Abancay (Historic heart of Lima)

Please, take word that Holding Express S and Aquarius Express will take you to Miraflores but, the third hypothesis, Rome-I Consortium, will take you to the Historic Center of Lima, no longer removed from Miraflores.

We want to use, each time possible, the skill of transportation that the locals use, it's in any respect times a huge probability to recognise a bit extra concerning the tradition the position we arrived and truly sense just like the locals. However, we've had a few references that have brought on us a few apprehension. One of them is that it's no longer essentially probably the foremost mushy probability to travel, as it will probably run the leading obstacle of the occupation of the van is larger than it ought to be. But one other leading obstacle that brought on us larger apprehension have been reviews that referred much less safety and, the reality that it's no longer a skill of transportation very "friendly" to these who journey with luggage, which was our situation, that's why we selected to no longer use public shipping this time.

Rent a car

This can also be an probability for these arriving at Lima airport, but when you want to go downtown, it's never the greatest opinion, at our possibility. The site visitors in Lima is very, very excessive and, for these who come from outside, it might be tough to get a metropolis that could be seen chaotic for a visitor.

If your destination is different than the heart of Lima, it might be a hypothesis to believe but, to journey to Miraflores or any different region in Central Lima, we don't recommend, simply due to the very fact you possibly can get cheaper and simpler alternatives.


In conclusion, though this airport isn't the simplest to get transported to the metropolis center, there are nonetheless a number of possibilities. Probably, when you search, you'll nonetheless discover extra firms than these we mentioned, we purely spoke about these simply due to the very fact they have been the greatest references we had and, and we truly sense extra safe to share with the reader.

The query of safety is a thing to think about while making your decision, obviously that whoever travels at all times has an adventurous facet inside them but we depart the idea to be very careful in the event you desire to challenge out of Lima International Airport, as there are a few precautions to think about for a tourist, and also you have to at all times take the crucial precautions while doing so.

However, we don't desire in any method that our article serves to frighten you and lead you to no longer go to and discover Lima. Go, discover and fall in love with this high quality city. We did it and we liked it. Just have, as in so many different towns round the world, authentic precautions, and utilize it.

We hope that our article will assist you propose your journey to Lima and in the event you nonetheless don't recognize the position to dwell in Lima, test out our article at the finest region to dwell in Lima.

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