job Altitude Sickness and Kids: How to Prevent and Help Your Child Deal with Altitude Sickness

A vacation within the mountains is at all times anything very appealing and attractive. However, anything that typically frights folks of kids getting ready to journey to excessive places, is the so noted Altitude Sickness, also recognized as Moutain Sickness or, for those who move to Peru or Bolivia, as Soroche.

No one desires their holidays spoiled and, in particular, no person desires their kids to endure any discomfort, incredibly on this situation, from the consequences of Altitude Sickness. In our case, what led us to determine this occurrence was the journey to Peru, in specific to Machu Picchu, which led us to attempt to gather as a lot data about Altitude Sickness, attempting to understand what it was, what brought on it, simple methods to keep away from and, extra than within the case of adults, what could be the response of the kids because, as usual, our son, 7 years vintage on the time, could accompany us on this trip.

Unfortunately, there's nothing that will ensure 100 pc that adults and kids won't endure from Altitude Sickness whilst at excessive altitudes, incredibly at extra than 2400 meters whilst the primary indicators start to appear. However, there's the danger of in search of to keep away from and, whilst it doesn't work, to assist overcome extra quick and in a a accurate deal less painful method for kids and adults.

What is Altitude Sickness?

Altitude Sickness is, explained in lowered form, a malaise simply due to the fact of the reduce of the volume of oxygen within the air. That is, as we move up, the volume of oxygen within the air decreases and, typically from the 2,400 meters, this could produce ugly results on the people.

One query that has no actual reply is the motive why some of us endure from those ugly indicators with larger or lesser intensity, and others don't endure any indicators at all. However, the longer you climb, the extra possible you're to suffer, and as on our journey to Machu Picchu, we could remain for a amount of days within the metropolis of Cusco, that's set 3400 meters away. For us, who dwell within the metropolis of Lisbon, close to sea level, and earlier than we move to Cusco, we could be within the metropolis of Lima, also coastal could be a vast change, so we've tried to examine this problem with seriousness.


As we mentioned earlier, Altitude Sickness could have consequences that could possibly or could possibly no longer have an effect on lots of us, and this applies to equally adults and children's. However, the nice data is that research present that there's a larger probability that an grownup will really experience the consequences of Altitude Sickness than a child, that's first-rate data simply due to the fact we favor to at all times be undergoing this soreness than our son's. Despite the reduce probability, there are at all times some ideas that assist you deal higher with the consequences of Altitude Sickness, reduce your discomfort, and overcome it extra quickly. Let's discuss just a bit about them:

- When we journey there's at all times the want to attain our destination and discover it greedily, but whilst you attain a destination at a excessive altitude, you'll ought to reserve on your schedule time to allow your physique get used to the brand new conditions. On the first, moment day you'll ought to move slowly and respect the rhythm of your body. No tough work, no massive ups, and no runs. When you really experience tired, stop, relax, and breathe slowly and deeply, assisting your baby to comply with those "rules" as well. We understand that for kids it could possibly be tough to invite them to cease but it's principal that the entire household seem for "go slow". Take a while to lie down to observe a movie, quiet sports ... taking it simple is rule amount one.

- Keeping your self hydrated will probably be principal to avoid or keep away from the signs of Altitude Sickness. Always have water with you and inspire your kids to drink frequently. Sodas are all the time anything to keep away from as they usually aren't the greatest technique to hydrate. Water is all the time the greatest selection as properly as herbal juices and tea. In addition to the normal benefit of the hot tea, that assist in digestion, you'll typically see the tea muña, that's even higher for digestion, anything that might be more durable within the primary occasions in altitude. You can even discover out that, in puts like Peru and Bolivia, you'll have the threat to drink the noted coca tea. Coca tea is extensively utilized by using means of adults in Peru and Bolívia and there are these who suggest it for children. We didn't provide it to our child, simply out of fear, but we gave some sweet with coca made for children. If you elect to offer your kids coca tea, don't overlook that children's tea will want to be weaker than what those that adults drink.

- Something you'll typically see on sale in lots of high-altitude towns is tiny oxygen cans that, whilst the primary Altitude Sickness signs are appearing, you possibly can provide the baby a number of seconds to breath (and also to the adults), and the signs have a tendency to subside or disappear quickly. Many lodges in elevated locations also are typically ready with oxygen cylinders whilst needed. When you really experience this need, yours or your child, search assist from the crew on the resort the place you're staying. 

Picture from OxiShot Perú

- The chilly also would no longer help, and whilst in excessive altitudes, can contribute to the boom of the signs of Altitude Sickness, so we suggest which you just all the time put on correct warm apparel adapted to the temperature the place you'll probably be and all the time glance utilizing it in assorted layers, the greatest technique to avoid the cold.

- We haven't used it but a number of of us advise the use of ibuprofen within the case of Altitude Sickness symptoms, rather headache. However, don't overlook that ibuprofen is drugs and any use of drugs ought to all the time be finished after consultation and scientific advice.

- When the signs change into severe, we suggest which you just search to descend from the top and take the grownup or baby to a hospital or scientific middle once possible. Although rare, there are circumstances of Altitude Sickness that might be dangerous, so it's higher to avoid and lookup specialized help. 

How to avoid altitude illness in babies and kids?

There aren't any 100 percent fine cures to remedy Altitude Sickness, but sure techniques can really assist cut back signs and even avoid them at 100%. Let's discuss slightly about these strategies.

Again, we check with the want to discuss to the physician who follows your baby earlier than making your trip, higher than anybody else, he'll recognise the kid's scientific condition and can recognise the correct tips earlier than beginning the trip.

Something we could also want to bring is that kids as much as 3 months ought to no longer be subjected to excessive altitudes as properly as kids with exact scientific conditions, therefore back we point out the want to discuss for your physician earlier than you to the experience along with your child's. 

- One of probably one of the foremost fine techniques you possibly can use is to permit your physique settle in slowly, that is, to dwell at an intermediate altitude earlier than shifting for your last destination. Let us provide our example. The gateway for loads of guests to Machu Picchu is the metropolis of Cusco, which is ready 3400 meters high. However, so as to make life simpler for all of us, rather of staying in Cusco, we left this area of the experience a number of days later, and whilst we arrived on the airport, we took a taxi immediately to the metropolis of Ollantaytambo. about 2790 in height, the place we stayed overnight for three nights and used it as a base for our experience to Machu Picchu. It could possibly no longer appear like much, but 600 meters of altitude could make much of difference, and this was a huge technique to get our physique used to the altitude. 
- Another advice is for these who transfer to excessive altitudes by means of way of car. Try to take common breaks and be very cautious in regards to the curves, which typically function a facilitator of nausea and discomfort.

- Give your baby pale meals earlier than and across the trip, highly hydrocarbonates reminiscent of bread, cereals, pastes, and sell common ingestion of fluids, highly water.

Chicken Soup is all the time a huge possibility 

- Although difficult, attempt to discuss to the baby in regards to the ought to keep away from many run-ins within the early days. Take with you a set of quiet video games to be capable to make a family, a few film to see together... Prepare your baby for the desire for fewer runs and efforts. Also within the identical direction, practice for the entire household extra enjoyable sports for the primary NULL days in altitude, respect and allow the physique get used to the changes.

- Try to sleep at decrease altitudes than you've got across the day. For example, in the event you happen to took a ski vacation, attempt to do your days sports at a upper altitude than the region the position you'll spend the night.


You have your dream trip all planned, but are you afraid of Altitude Sickness results in your child? Do no longer have it, go forward and take pleasure in yourself. In most cases, the signs will purely be very moderate and typically youngsters really sense even much lower than adults. However, it's predominant to take sure precautions and cautions, reminiscent of these across our article.

Traveling with youngsters is wonderful, and your mountain trip together with your son turns into even extra different while we see their joy. However, don't overlook the importance of speaking to your physician and, after that, take pleasure in your vacations! 

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