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Whoever follows our weblog is aware of that we're a Portuguese household and, anything we Portuguese are used to is to be in a really large distance from different countries, with the exception of Spain, our neighbors. The truth that we've a vast coast is high-quality but, including to that half of our nation is surrounded by sea, and the different by Spain, a vast country, leads the Portuguese to be accustomed to traveling to countries different than Spain by airplane.

However, anything we like while we journey extra to the heart of Europe is how near and simple it be to transfer from one nation to another, anything that for a lot of appears perfectly natural, for us, Portuguese, it be no longer and, on this way, we search to mix the go to to 2 or extra destinations each time that we've that chance.

On one in every of our household trips, we spent 4 days within the high-quality metropolis of Vienna, which we liked but anything we had formerly deliberate was to spend a day visiting the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava.


Did you recognize that Bratislava and Vienna are the NULL closest capitals within the world? They are at a distance of much lower than 70 km and you'll be able to actual go from one region to one other with out having to suffer a bodily border, so for anybody who visits Vienna, we suggest so as to feature a day on your journey and, our concept is, why no longer get to recognize Bratislava?

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and is proper subsequent to the border with NULL countries, Austria and Hungary. Despite being the greatest metropolis within the country, it has a good deal lower than half a million inhabitants and, though its ancient middle could be very lovely and careful, it's highly small and simple to recognise in a single day.

As we mentioned, regardless of no matter if you come from Hungary or Austria you won't have any query of crossing the border, and in the event you happen to come from Vienna, the foreign money you use is the same, the Euro, that will all the time be a vast facilitator. Something that's also vast is that, regardless of utilizing the identical currency, you may ought to make use of less, simply due to the fact costs are a lot decrease in Bratislava than in Vienna, so it's one more motive to go to the city, as nicely as show its restoration, which we strongly advise.

As we mentioned, it's a metropolis that's visited soon but, which doesn't fail to have many charms. However, we are able to depart for destiny posts a few tips concerning the greatest issues to be accomplished in a single day in Bratislava. In this post, we desire to provide you our concept on find out how to make this trip, from Vienna to Bratislava, by using means of itself, rather of spending useless cash on scheduled Tours. Why spend money, while you possibly can really make this high-quality day travel and spend your cash in different ways, equivalent to a high-quality lunch within the capital of Slovakia?


Well, let's get to the actual motive for our post. When we decided to spend a day in Bratislava, we began to do slightly study concerning the greatest risk of going from Vienna to Bratislava, having confirmed that there had been four important methods to attain our destination, specifically by using means of Car, Boat, Bus and or Train.

Next, we clarify slightly about every certainly one of the possibilities, to assist you make your choice.


An all the time convenient hypothesis is to drive. The experience is quick and, in the event you happen to are traveling by using means of automobile in Europe, nothing is simpler than going from Vienna to Bratislava.

There are 2 greatest options, the fastest one being practically by motorway and it takes about an hour to sense along the way. However, although it takes just a little longer (about 10 minutes more), we mean which you only take the path at the B9, with a course that many instances goes along the Danube River, and makes you really wanna slow down your pace and merely take pride in the view. You can read the five hundred route probabilities in Google Maps.

However, for these who desire to rent a car, that's an selection that we do not mean if your objective is merely to get to realize Bratislava. As we have mentioned, it's a small city and, one can get to realize merely by walking or by public transport. Car appoint would most likely be an expensive selection in our opinion.

However, for these who desire to do this tour by car, there may be an selection that may be very economical, specifically via the BlaBlaCar service. This is a service that works by sharing seats in the car. Click proper the subsequent to access the official internet webpage and to realize more information concerning the service.

If you select to transfer by car, do not overlook which you only have to acquire the stickers that offer you permission to sense at the motorways, both in Austria and Slovakia. The fines are heavy, so it's not fee the risk.

Regarding parking, the vast majority of the city is paid but, it's unfastened at the weekends, merely phrase that there are locations merely supposed for locals.

There are just a few ways for unfastened parking, one among that's at the Aupark Shopping Center, you shall be capable to see proper the subsequent the side and is a high-quality function to shop at good prices. We also mean which you only park at Sad Janka Krala, that's close to the motorway, is unfastened and merely a transient walk from the city middle via the Stary Most (Old Bridge).


This hypothesis will most likely be in all danger presumably the greatest expensive of all, however it would most likely possibly also be in all danger presumably the greatest beautiful, pretty for these who're lucky with the local weather conditions that day. The Danube River has at all times been one among in all danger presumably the greatest influential sorts of delivery and communication in Europe and, even today, it's strength to join a host of cities during its waters. And, one among the connections that exist and, which you only shall be capable to merely grasp out, is traveling by boat amongst Vienna and Bratislava.

The boat journey takes just over an hour in every direction and costs differ between every company, being ability to get discounts while shopping for the spherical journey ticket.

We depart proper the subsequent the hyperlinks for the other corporations that function these routes so you'll have the ability to make a comparison of the prices, schedules, and locations of embarkation. Always be certain to verify that the brand operates at the day of your trip, as boat journeys are typically not held between October and March.

Boat corporations that function between Vienna and Bratislava:

Twin City Liner

DDSG Blue Danube

Slovak Boats and Ports

We are certain that this may increasingly ability be the best method to journey between Vienna and Bratislava, but moreover that it'll be in all probability some of the most important expensive, so it relies on what you desire but it's nonetheless a best option.


This is most likely in all probability some of the most important used selection between these who desire to journey between Vienna and Bratislava, and has the merit that, apart from connecting the middle of both cities, it also permits to join both airports since, beginning from the middle of Vienna, passes via Vienna Airport, makes the journey of about 50 minutes to the middle of Bratislava, ending your journey later at Bratislava airport.

If that's your choice, you'll have three predominant choices, specifically Blaguss, Slovak Lines and Eurolines.

In phrases of prices, the transformations normally aren't very large, and the similar is correct for schedules, on the grounds that them all journey frequently, typically one hour apart. What we advocate is that, verify the internet webpage of every one, and seem for which of the traces passes nearer to your place of accommodation, as we trust that this shall be in all probability some of the most important useful characteristic on your choice, on the grounds that them all have a best service and, of all options, that's unquestionably in all probability some of the most important economical.

As costs and occasions would possibly swap frequently, as there would possibly be a few modifications within the routes, we favor to now not publish in our submit and invite the reader to see the official web page of every of the companies, to make their selection with the greatest probably knowledge.

Bus corporations that function among Vienna and Bratislava:


Slovak Lines



The final selection we point out is to journey by teach from Vienna to Bratislava. This selection can also be particularly low-cost and really gentle (always verify official sites for costs as they're updated), and also you might also additionally just buy on-line or immediately on the teach station simply due to the actual fact it isn't ordinary for the tickets to promote out.

However, there are a few points that or now not it's primary to take into account. One is that the departure station in Vienna, Wien Hauptbahnhof,  isn't within the metropolis middle so it would possibly be vital to take a quick stroll or use the public delivery to get there (about 40 minutes taking walks from these who come from the Central Square, Stephansplatz).

If you pass by public delivery to the station, or now not it's served by the underground line U1, which actual connects the Hauptbahnhof to other elements of the city.

Arrival in Bratislava is via Bratislava-Hlavná Stanica Station (Bratislava-hl. St.) but, isn't a station within the metropolis center, and it's going to be vital to take a stroll of about 2 km, anything like 20 minutes on foot, or take the bus.


Something very handy is the actuality that whilst you get your return ticket, it also offers you entry to public delivery within the metropolis of Bratislava throughout the day, so if you don't desire to stroll you might also additionally just take the X13 bus and, take the Namestie SNP Stop, which takes about 10 minutes. This bus leaves very often and also you don't must wait many minutes. The bus cease is simply in entrance of the teach station exit, so there's nothing to miss, simply keep the teach tickets simply due to the actual fact you'll also need them on your return.

Although the bus journey is extra convenient, if you go with to journey among Vienna and Bratislava by train, we suggest which you simply take at the very least one in every of the methods by foot, as this tour exhibits a absolutely other Bratislava from its historic center, which refers extra to the occasions earlier than the autumn of the Berlin Wall and, in our opinion, one in every of the spaces that we favored to see in Bratislava.

For schedules, we suggest which you simply verify the official sites of the Austrian company, ÖBB Österreichische Bundesbahnen, and the Slovak manufacturer Slovakrail. The tickets and costs are the same, what you'll seize relies in basic terms on the time of departure. You will discover that the trains of the Austrian manufacturer are newer, but in equally cases, you'll make a really gentle journey, which lasts approximately one hour.

As formerly mentioned, you might also additionally just acquire the tickets on-line by means of the official sites (click on the companies' identify to entry the websites) or, on the departure station, you might also additionally just buy on the ticket workplaces or on the automatic machines. Be conscious that shopping for the return ticket is cheaper and offers you the proper to make use of public delivery within the metropolis of Bratislava.


In short, we are able to ensure that what you won't remorse the selection of go to Bratislava. It is a really exciting metropolis but, in our opinion, it doesn't deserve to live a couple of days in it, except you desire to discover extra Slovakia. If this isn't the case, we rather suggest you to get pleasure from your journey to Vienna to make this positive day journey to Bratislava.

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