high Big Heatrow Layover? How to visit Windsor from Heatrow Airport

People who journey often recognize that spending time at airports is an inevitability, regardless of no matter if they love it or don't like it, and most of us don't love it very much, preferring to keep away from it every time possible.

We also desire to keep away from it, pretty for the reason that we typically journey with household and with youngsters this will grow to be extra difficult. To keep away from that those moments are hard for the family, earlier than every experience we all of the time seem to be for the greatest solution to take pleasure within the hours that we should wait within the airports (you can see right the following our post: How to live to tell the tale lengthy airport layovers with children's) and , certainly one of the airports we've spent the longest time is Heatrow in London.

We've been to Heatrow a number of instances already, and regardless of having a number of provides that may assist to spend a couple of hours, it's under no circumstances certainly one of our favourite airports to reside for a lot of hours, as we've a tendency to discover it very confusing, noisy and really busy, as properly as being certainly one of the busiest within the world, with heaps of of us dealing with all of it the time.

A few years ago, in a single among our excursions of Heatrow, we tried to set up our experience so that rather of spending an hour on the airport, our layover handed for near 24 hours and that allowed us to spend an first-rate day in London (you can learn extra about our day here). However, in our final layover we had come on a lengthy trip, so we felt it was time to return dwelling and the thought of ​​extending our reside in London was out of the question.

We then had a layover from round 11am at Heatrow airport that we didn't desire to go interior the airport at all, as we're selected can be vast and hard occasions to pass.


Then we have been selected that we may possibly have this time on the airport (of course, if we didn't have any setbacks that luckily didn't happen), we began at dwelling simply pondering about what to do to take pleasure in those valuable hours.

The most important choices that got here to us have been to go to central London, a go to to Legoland, which isn't too hard to entry from Heatrow airport and, finally, to go to the metropolis of Windsor. As you recognize by the identify of our post, our option was to make the go to to the metropolis of Windsor, and we can clarify the causes for our choice.

Visiting central London is all the time appetizing but as about 2 years ago we had been there and simply due to the fact the relocation is nonetheless dear we decided this doesn't be our choice.

Hypothesis quantity NULL was very attractive, to go to Legoland but, we have been traveling for extra than 20 hours, having already accomplished a flight of about 11 hours, purpose why the go to to Legoland doesn't be nicely taken benefit of, except we may possibly have simply a quantity of hours to take pleasure in it, and to spend the cash of the ticket that, nonetheless is considerable, to now not take pleasure in it, we selected to now not observe it. However, here's a go to we actually ought to make, simply due to the fact our son and, now not simply him, is a vast Lego fan, and we're selected that this go to won't cease him from marveling.

So, our resolution fell on the go to to the metropolis of Windsor, which we suggest very highly, since it's a excellent strategy to take pleasure in the hours you ought to wait on your subsequent flight. But should you're planning this possibility, there are selected points that ought to be taken into account, the primary is time.


We all desire to utilize the layover time at an airport, but when there's anything no one needs to danger dropping their flight and therefore danger ruining their whole trip. Although Windsor is near being near Heatrow Airport, we don't suggest which you just believe this in case your layover time is a lot now not up to 8 hours. And why will we discuss about 8 hours? Because even although 8 hours may appear like a lengthy time to walk by way of a city, in truth it's going to now not be 8 hours that you'll have available, but a lot less.

From the time your aircraft lands to being out of the airport, it's going to all the time take now not not up to an hour and, should you don't ought to go with up your luggage. And whilst we discuss about an hour we're being high-quality simply due to the fact anything like an hour and a half may be extra time that may take time, and this time of prolong can all the time be conditioned by a number of points all the time unpredictable whilst we seek advice from journey by plane.

In addition to the time it'll take to get out of the airport, you ought to depend at the time you ought to spend earlier than your aircraft leaves the airport. At the very least, we all the time suggest 2 hours, we don't want to play with those matters and luckily we by no means lose any aircraft but, even respecting those NULL hours in advance, we've already stuck our scares. Arriving lots lower than 2 hours to the airport is danger dropping your flight and I don't even suggest this time, pretty at an airport like Heatrow, so I could all the time objective for at the least 2h30m. So, made the accounts, one can unquestionably see that from the 8 hours of layover, near four are destined to input and depart the airport. For the last hours, we ought to also journey to Windsor and return to Heatrow.


We move on one other of the basic points to anybody who's getting ready a go to to Windsor from Heatrow Airport, which is: How to get from Heatrow to Windsor?

Well, there are a couple of techniques which you simply possibly can select from the time you've got and for sure your budget.


This is perhaps essentially one of the foremost gentle and fastest solution to journey from Heatrow Airport to Windsor. There are a couple of corporations that work from the airport and the journey is short, a few 15 Kms and lasts approximately 20 minutes. The major drawback is the cost, which may be circular 45 to 50 pounds.

However, there's a choice of having to make this journey for a lot extra cheap prices, and we're speaking in regards to the choice of pre-book to native cab from Windsor. In order to make this taxi experience cheaper, at circular £ 20 per journey, you possibly can e-book your taxi via corporations running in Windsor and also you may be capable to make the spherical journey to Heatrow Airport Windsor after which his return.

To journey on this way, you possibly can seek the advice of the subsequent corporations by clicking on their title to entry their official website.

- Windsor Cars

- 5 Star Taxi

- Gemini Taxi

However, there might be unique companies, so we advise you to do a seek and discover the greatest deal for you.


If you've got no longer pre-book and desire to take a taxi once more to the airport, we suggest which you simply take your taxi to the Windsor part the position taxis are unquestionably and often accessible or even discover taxi rank, which is proper subsequent to the Castle. To get there, you simply must turn proper on the exit of the fort by the gate of Henry VIII, move down slightly in any respect occasions round the fort partitions and you'll see the taxi rank, nothing to cheat.


Another chance that might be useful, but additionally expensive, is to e-book a personal tour, wherein a assembly level would be organized to leap your visit. In addition to being a gentle option, you've got the merit of packing your bags when, for example, you make your go to to Windsor Castle which, should you desire to hold it with a really big luggage, you might no longer be capable to enter. However, also this delivery provider and to shop your luggage might be matter to extra payment, so we suggest which you simply do an internet seek to see and examine prices, which differ commonly pondering the quantity of of us making the tour, the quantity of luggage, the assembly position ...


Let us now talk of the closing hypothesis which was selected by us, and the purpose we selected it be obvious, the price. We are speaking about going from Heatrow Airport to Windsor utilizing the native bus. This would be the selection that takes you longer, so we only suggest for these who really spend so so much of time at Heatrow Airport, as we mentioned, our layover time was over 10 hours, so we had sufficient time for this selection and, we're required to suggest it to anybody as we desire to journey as so so much as we're capable of and therefore save as so so much funds as we can. However, let's say again, this selection is even for these who've many hours available, it isn't value risking dropping the flight for this tour, nevertheless it well it might be.


Catching the bus is tremendous simple for anybody who's in Terminal 5 at Heatrow Airport. If this isn't your problem and you're in one other Terminal, getting to T5 can also be easy, we clarify how to:

To get to Terminal 5 from Terminal 1, 2 and 3, you simply must take the Heatrow Express train, which connects among the unique terminals. In addition to being a quickly trip, the educate leaves with a frequency of 15 minutes and, all the time good, is absolutely unfastened for the journeys made inner the airport.

Regarding Terminal 4, you won't be capable to make this connection, that can must be completed by the red buses 482 and 490, which make this transfer, also unfastened of charge. The experience takes just a quantity of minutes and also you won't must wait too lengthy in your bus.

However, as soon as once more we go away the caution that you'll must count on this time of adjustments among the unique terminals while calculating the time you possibly can spend in Windsor and, don't overlook to go away some room for some unforeseen occasion that might occur. Do no longer fear about understanding the position you've to capture the educate or the Bus, inner the terminals, you simply must comply with the assorted directions that lead you to the position to get the connection to Terminal 5, there's nothing to cheat.

After arriving at Terminal 5, you've got only to comply with the directions that lead you to the unique Bus, anything that has nothing to cheat. When you get there, you've got NULL probabilities to get to Windsor, but we will leap by speaking about what we have used that would no longer make any switch easier.

The hypothesis we're referring to is the First Berkshire bus that runs Route 8, among Terminal 5 from Heatrow and Windsor, by Staines and Eghan. 

To take this bus, you must move to cease quantity 9, and also you possibly can get the ticket from the driver. You pays in kilos or credits score card, which was our option.

The bus typically leaves each 30 minutes (you can examine the time here), and journey to Windsor in so much no longer up to an hour while there are no longer any setbacks.

Although the Bus ended its course in Windsor, we requested the driver which is the greatest station to move out to the Castle, who recommended us and, in a really well way, instructed us in well time to go away on the Windsor Parish Church cease (Stop A). Anyway, there it be tough to get lost, simply due to the fact it be very near the Castle and you'll unquestionably recognize you've got arrived.

As for the price, it be cheaper to purchase a ticket that gives the chance of a return and that's what we did on the driver's advice, with the charge of the journey being £ 6.50 per grownup and £ 4.50 per baby (from 5 to 15, so much no longer up to that age is free).


The return to Heatrow from Windsor on the First Berkshire 8 bus can also be very simple to do. To do so, just move to the bus cease backyard the Parish Church (Stop A) , or to Windsor Barclays Bank (Stop C), and wait in your bus.

If you've got completed the similar factor as us, you don't must purchase your ticket, you simply must present what you got in your first trip, just be cautious to no longer throw it away earlier than you attain your closing destination, Heatrow Airport. the closing bus stop, so you've got nothing to cheat about.

If your airplane would no longer depart from Terminal 5, you'll must make use of the ability of delivery said above to get to your destination and merely comply with the directions unquestionably visual on the airport.

There is yet one other alternative, which we didn't use to oblige a bus switch and so the experience time would be extra time consuming, even although the expense is precisely the same. And this hypothesis is to take the First Berkshire Bus 7 which departs from the Central Bus Station at Heatrow Airport, which might be reached strolling from Terminal 1 and 2.

This bus departs toward Slough Bus Station after which , you'll must take one among the subsequent buses to Windsor Castle, the 2, the 8 or the 702. We go away proper perfect here word to be cautious in your return simply due to the fact if bus 7 is your selection for return, while you arrive in Slough, you'll must go away Wellington Street simply due to the fact the bus would no longer input Slough Bus Station.

For extra news on schedules, routes and prices, examine here.


The first recommendation is, manage your tour very well, what you desire to see, how a lot time could be available. If you desire to get to realize the city, a lunch, rely for no less than 3, four hours, which ought to all the time upload the time of leaving the airport, 1h30, no less than 2h hours earlier than the airplane leaves, but we suggest 3h in global flights and, a few to the delivery time it'll take. If you've got this time and preferably slightly more? Advance, it be very value taking merit of those hours, certain to be a lot extra valuable than the torture of ready so many hours on the airport.

- Sometimes we've a quality plan and we desire to do anything really, but issues don't move very well, the airplane is delayed, or it takes longer than anticipated to depart the airport ... When you depart the airport and you're shut of your potential of transportation is the finest time to verify ought to you've got time to hold out your plan, if yes, advance, if not, live for one other time.

- If possible, keep away from carrying your suitcase. Many connecting flights don't require you to take your bag, being transported immediately from one airplane to another. If this isn't the case, imagine leaving it in a locker that the airport offers, the rate is decreased and can make your go to extra stress-free and, ought to you choose to go to Windsor Castle, keep away from the threat of being on the door for no to take with him.

- Do no longer overlook that the airport is vast and that going from one terminal to one other takes time, or even in a terminal it might take till you get in your boarding gate, so don't waste pointless time to see the outlets ...

- While walking round the city, have fun, enjoy, but all the time observe of the hours and shut to the time of departure, attempt to stroll nearer to the region the position you'll seize your potential of transportation, being cautious to handle it with the essential advance.


Windsor is a really pretty city. We love to wander the streets, via the Thames, it be a quality region to shop, consume (we consume delicious fish and chips at Chippy of Windsor and obviously see the citadel and, if you're lucky, see the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle, which takes region at 11am on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and in June and July this swap takes region nearly each day.

Anyway, you may seek the advice of the British Army's schedule by its official web site to see if the Changing of the Guard will happen on the day of your go to (click here).

The defend swap takes region inner Windsor Castle, so you'll desire to buy a ticket (see right right here for front charges andtimetables), but in the event you're no longer planning to go to the Castle, you may watch the guards to march subsequent to the castle, while they come and depart the same. Note that in the event you're planning to seize the bus close to the Castle on the time of altering the guard, this road is closed to visitors and the bus would no longer pass, so that you must watch for the subsequent one or, pass down the road and elect up the subsequent pay, which has nothing to cheat simply due to the fact simply pass down the road at all times subsequent to the Castle.

To go to the Castle, you'll be able to accomplish that among 9:30 a.m. and 5:55 p.m. in summer time time and among 9:45 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. within the winter. 

To finish, we needed to assert that though we've during our article left a number of warnings to be cautious with the time, it is a go to that, if it could possibly do, we suggest even. Spending a number of hours in an airport may be a nightmare, incredibly for these who journey with children, and the chance of taking benefit of those hours and making a go to as remarkable because the only we make will pay off.

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