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It's secure for children´s to climb the Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru?

We have the desire to find the world, like so a lot of our readers and, visiting Peru was protected in that dream, and was for a lengthy time a desire of the complete family. But Peru is an enormous country, incredibly whilst in contrast with Portugal, a small but pretty country.

Going to Peru takes most of the visitors, like us, to schedule a enormous aspect in their live within the area of Cusco, the place the best appeal of this positive country, Machu Picchu is located.

FWe truly booked 6 days, 5 nights of our live within the Cusco area and needless to say we had the aim of exploring the area as a lot as possible, except the logical and foremost go to to Machu Picchu.

Macho Picchu, by means of way of itself, captivates any folks to go to the area of Cusco but, anything that we find on our researches was that one among the photographs we typically encounter of a positive mountain of other colors, was exactly within the area of Cusco. As quickly as we found it, we started conducting the typical study so as to feature this destination to our trip, because it was anything we didn't desire to miss.

Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru

So what is Rainbow Mountain? Rainbow Mountain didn't emerge a couple of years at the vacationer map of Peru, the global didn't recognise about it but, at the contrary, it has lengthy been identified by means of way of locals and is even seen as a sacred web web web site that ought to be revered and, vacationers earlier than beginning the trip that takes to the best of the mountain may be ended in carry out a ceremony of respect for the gods of the mountain that, for the locals, is known as Vinicunca.

It is a mountain that, at its top, reaches the altitude of 5200 meters and is discovered within the Andes Mountains, Peru. Although it appears hand painted by means of way of a Renaissance artist, the origin of its other colours is simply with the aid of the fact of the presence of other minerals in its composition, and the mix of them provides the mountain a distinctive beauty, difficult to notice within the world.

Something humorous is that Rainbow Mountain is one evidence that we reside within the virtual age, simply with the aid of the fact all that was wanted was a picture of this marvelous mountain to turn into viral, in 2015, to the global notice that magnificence and, since then, a number of vacationer corporations soar to make the journey daily, and guests of all of the global desire to visit.

Of course, regardless of the benefits of such, especially for the native economy, there's at all times the threat of tourism in mass can speedy ruin what took nature centuries to build, so now not in simple terms on this case but, we're required to invite that who go to any allure attempt to depart the smallest potential impact, preferably none.

Is it secure for kids to climb the Rainbow Mountain in Cusco, Peru?

Having then also been encouraged by means of way of this contagious impact and, wishing to go to this place, we confronted the query of regardless of no matter if it might be secure to do that treck with a baby of 7 years.

Since we turned parents, we make the level of taking our baby anyplace we go and since then, we should say that journey has turn into even higher and, we do now not journey less, especially we journey extra and extra to destinations removed from our remedy zone, Europe.

However, we also truly sense much of the ought to higher practice the journeys and examine our destination, which is what is the foundation of this blog, to assist practice the journeys with households and, with our knowledge, sell that extra and extra folks take their kids to notice the world.

Considering that the distance among Cusco and Rainbow Mountain is set four hours away by means of way of automobile or van, and that there's a huge supply of vacationer programs to visit, we started to get extra and extra excited concerning the option of figuring out this destination, which led us to recognize the actual question, might the go to to Rainbow Mountain be an correct and secure destination to take our son? That's the place our research truly began.


The starting of the journey is nothing special. Although you'll be able to make reservations online, also simply in Cusco you'll be able to schedule your tour to Rainbow Mountain. The journey begins very early and in vans, you'll take a trail of about 150 km to the starting of your walk, which is in a parking lot close to the village of Pitumarca, the place you'll birth off your walk.

Usually your tour will contain breakfast, as properly as lunch, anything we suggest as you'll see that the supply on arrival is nearly nil, since one in every of the sure features is that this shouldn't be yet a extensively publicized destination, anything that could possibly swap of their destiny and, unfortunately, might carry risks to the upkeep of this herbal paradise. We also provide the recommendation which you simply do now not overlook to take some snacks, simply with the aid of the fact you'll need them in your walk.

If the journey by means of way of van to Rainbow Mountain is easy, you go seated, though a few of the puts you'll go might scare you whilst you seem to be on the altitude of the street you're traveling to, you'll should face a stroll of about 7 km upon arriving at your destination, for a complete of approximately 14 km.

CAN children's climb the Rainbow Mountain?

The distance shouldn't be very scary, however the query is the height, and strolling at about 5000 meters in peak is super demanding, especially for these who will now not be accustomed to the ones issues, motive why the complete stroll can take among four and 6 hours to perform.

This query of the call for of the stroll led us to suppose that it might be super inadvisable to do that stroll with a baby of 7 years, but we nonetheless saw that it's potential to do a large area of the stroll on a horse ride, anything that's paid separately. You can set up the pony experience from the soar of your hike or, while you wish, ebook this carrier additional simply with the aid of the fact alongside the method a number of instances you might be approached by means of way of locals with horses to invite while you desire to do the trek in a horse for a fee that, will get decrease whilst you stroll a couple of kilometers.

Something that ought to also be taken into account, apart from fatigue, are the temperatures, which might be very low, including to the risk of rain and the course being executed in muddy fields.

Even with that information, we might no longer decide, so we went to do a survey with folks who had already made this journey and we also contacted NULL tour operators within the area, questioning immediately if it may possibly be advisable or to no longer do that ascent with our 7-year-old son.

It is right that we've been capable to discuss with individual that had taken this journey with children´s and seen it a sure experience, but nevertheless, it was a household accustomed to dwelling and hiking in excessive puts after which extra ready for this purpose, but we also had stories of instances that they ran in a adverse way, with youngsters older than our 7-year-old son, feeling very bad about this experience, and having to get again on horseback.

Also the NULL tour operators we contacted informed us to no longer make this journey with youngsters as a result of the peak and the risks that come up from it. However, we all recognise that no longer all the touristic businesses recommend towards it, saying they hold oxygen bottles and first guide kits.


Of course, the option to go to somewhere relies all the time on one's own. However, we really sense that via way of sharing our examine and selection we will also assist these who come throughout the similar points as us. In case of taking our son to Rainbow Mountain, we needed to opt for to no longer hold out this tour, it's going to should reside for one other go to to Peru. Considering the other stories we've acquired and the risks related with the climb, we don't suppose it merits the risk.

In addition to risk, there's the subject of tiredness. The journey via way of automobile (usually via way of van) is huge, extra than 3 hours in every direction, anything that may just growth depending on the place the other vacationers are picked up within the metropolis of Cusco. The start of the adventure is at dawn, simply due to the fact round four o'clock is whilst they start to seize the tourists, and would possibly even be earlier, ending the journey typically close to the give up of the day.

Of course, it rate us much to make that decision, we've been so close... But if there's anything we've discovered since we traveled with our son, it's that problems aren't the similar as they have been but it's no longer simply due to the fact they're other that's worse, in our opinion, household journey is even better.

Finally, we needed to go away only one information, to keep away from being disillusioned should you attain the ideal of Rainbow Mountain. Rainbow Mountain is certainly beautiful, but unfortunately, a lot of the shots we see at the net have the colours evidenced by way of Photoshop, so they don't correspond with the true magnificence of the place, as you'll be able to see on this final picture, displaying the actual colours (that might change, depending at the weather, sun, rain, snow...). 

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